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If you have arthritis...
and want to keep your joints working
freely and easily...

If freedom to move easily is a priority, read on. If you wish you could play as long and hard as everybody else, read on. If you want to be comfortable holding your grandchild on your lap, read on. If you are a competitive athlete with 'overuse' joint aches, read on!

CMO+HPR supports joint health naturally. Most will notice real improvement in as few as 20 days after finishing a ten day supply - guaranteed!

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CMO has already proven itself to be a major breakthrough in joint care. New Duoflex CMO+ is even better! We have added two digestive enzymes (lipases) to each capsule to increase absorption and efficacy, improving its natural pain relieving qualities.

New Duoflex HPR, the companion product to Duoflex CMO+, contains 6 homeopathic ingredients known to relieve arthritis pain naturallyl.

Duoflex HPR and Duoflex CMO+ are unconditionally guaranteed to:

  • Relieve arthritis pain and stiffness temporarily.(HPR)

  • Help support the natural ability of your joints (knees, hips, shoulders, fingers, toes, etc.) to move freely and easily. (CMO+)
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CMO+HPR cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate
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click here to learn more about CMO+
Duoflex CMO+

Here's what the media is saying about CMO+:
"The results of CMO are so impressive that nothing can come close..."
-The Nature of Health Magazine,
"Hang on folks, because you haven't heard this before; it certainly is going to be an eye opener for you...Amazing is not the word for it..."
-The Mark Scott Show, WXYT Radio in Detroit

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